An all new strategy puzzle game for iPad and iPhone!

Use your wits to save penguins from a pack of devious sharks!

Protect the penguins with your arsenal of laser beams, whirlpools, fans, and more as you guide them to safety and keep the sharks at bay.

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Save Penguin Level "Hurricane"

48 Unique Levels

Hours and hours of shark-trapping and penguin-liberating fun across 48 levels in two packs!

Save Penguin Level "Archipelago"

Get Creative

Flex your creative muscles to earn a top score.

There are dozens of solutions to every level - try and earn an A++!

Save Penguin Level Complete

Get Ranked

Compete to be the savior of all penguins on a world-wide scoreboard!

Your performance is graded on a curve against everyone else's score - strive for the best solution possible!

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